About Me

Hi, I'm Ryan

A Front-end Developer, Web Designer & Photographer based in Bristol. During my career, I’ve worked as a Sales Assistant, Photographer & Graphic Designer, which has led up to me becoming a Front-end Developer. Working within the Web Industry has been fantastic and really allowed me to find my feet in what I now love doing as a day job. Creating a design and then bringing it to life is the most exciting thing about my job. I am always finding new ways to improve my code and explore new technologies that can help make web designing more efficient, modern and exciting.

Apart from my passion for web design, I do enjoy cycling. Yes, I am a “Roady” with my trusted Specialised Diverge A1 road bike helping me get to and from work. But away from the tarmac, I do enjoy Gaming and a good drink of Cider (Thatchers Haze of course).


Freelance Photography & Web Design


Maslovs & Co

Nisbets Plc

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Tiverton High School

Petroc College - BTEC First Diploma Art & Design

Plymouth University - BA Hons Photography

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