Plymouth University Zine

During my studies it was up to a group of us to put together an end of the year Zine in colaboration with our exhibition. During this we had inspiration from another template and we used this to produce what we finally came up with.

My main role within this was to help with designing the Zine and putting images in the right place and also coming up with a layout for the final product. During the development of this communication seized between people and the Zine went in different direction, one that I could not keep up with because of this.

I have included the design of the Zine that I put together to show my interpretation of how I would have liked it to have come out and from a designers perspective working with simplicity and maximising white space on the page.

I can not take credit for everything within this Zine as it was a join effort but the layout of the images and the cover design was my input into this design and this is what I want to show.

Please view the final design of this Here.


Project Details

Client: Plymouth University Project

Date: 06/14/2013

Graphic Design