YCN Douwe Egberts Advertisement Brief

Douwe Egberts Live Brief

The Brief

Develop a creative campaign, new product, new packaging or communications idea for Douwe Egberts in the UK to appeal to younger consumers, to increase their awareness of Douwe Egberts and ideally have a theme that can extend across different media. It needs to present Douwe Egberts as a brand that is contemporary, without losing its heritage and expertise. We know that people in the 18-30 age bracket will happily spend their money in a Starbucks or a Costa, but not drink coffee at home. The challenge in this brief is to find a way of making coffee drunk at home as appealing as coffee drunk in a coffee shop.

Final Outcome

The work is based on a modified Live Brief for Douwe Egberts coffee to help produce a new form of advertising for already existing products. The images are produced with the use of association and representation to display the products towards how we visually represent the flavours being portrayed, which allows the viewer to become even more immersed with the images.


Project Details

Client: Douwe Egberts

Date: 05/24/2013

Studio Lighting
Product Photography
Shoot Planning